Why powerful protective layer is the only path to new modern solar mounting systems

We at Solar Steelconstruction are continuously optimizing and developing our installation systems to meet the highest industry standards. The way to provide outstanding corrosion protection of our product is to produce it from a steel coil with special Corrender® and PosMAC® coatings. According to the chemical composition, the coatings of these brands are a compound of magnesium, aluminum and zinc (Mg + Al + Zn), which ensures their high quality characteristics.

Why Corrender and PosMAC?

  • Excellent corrosion protection

A striking feature of Corrender and PosMAC is the high-performance corrosion protection as opposed to conventionally galvanized steel strip. The significantly higher protective effect of Сorrender and PosMAC results in a thinner metallic coating of zinc.

  • High-performance alternative

The application of such steel strips opens up several new opportunities because of their excellent corrosion protection.

  • Excellent workability

Corrender and PosMAC also convince through increased efficiency in processing and lead to a significant reduction in production costs. The potential can be utilized more effectively than ever before: Low zinc abrasion, excellent deep-drawing properties and very high profiling capacity all result in excellent processing properties.


Finally, the support engineers of Solar Steelconstruction will be happy to provide you with further technical information and answer any of your questions about solar mounting systems.

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