Mounting systems with removable angle

Mounting systems with a removable angle allow you to easily change the angle of inclination of photomodules, depending on the season. This option allows you to increase the efficiency of generating your solar station up to 10%. At the base of the mounting systems with a removable angle, 2-row and 3-row static systems are taken. To get acquainted with the technical documentation on Fixing systems with a changeable angle, you can on the page below – Section Technical documentation. All the information, technical documentation and diagrams you can download in the “Download documentation” tab.

Fastening system SMS-211
It is a desktop with a portrait orientation of the FEM in two rows with a static slope angle of 150-450. located on one row of pillars, piles.

Fastening system SMS-301 (interchangeable angle)
It is a desktop for 8-12 modules with a mechanically-adjustable angle of inclination for two or more positions from 15 to 55 The position of the FEM on the desktop is horizontal in three rows. The support structure is single-columned with a strut that adjusts the angle of the table.