Solar Steelconstruction has all the necessary quality certificates in Ukraine, and now – a certificate of European conformity. We are constantly expanding the geography of our sales and have reached a new level of international relations. In this connection, we could not do without the CE certificate.

The presence of CE marking on the product means that the product meets the basic requirements of the European Union in the field of quality and safety for the consumer. This certificate provides the exporter with all customs and legal aspects when importing products into any country of the European Union. The CE certificate is issued based on the results of serious inspections and tests of equipment, and products that have not passed certification are not allowed on the internal European market.

Obtaining such a certificate confirms that the equipment of Solar Steelconstruction complies with the basic requirements of the EU directives and its standards, that the products have passed the procedure for assessing compliance with directives and are absolutely safe for consumers and the environment.

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