Services as “on a turnkey basis” solar power plants

Our Solar Steelconstruction Company brings to your notice as services as “on a turnkey basis” solar power plants and solar power plants engineering. Our professional and highly skilled team together with partner guarantees quality project definition on any requirements phase – from project kick-off to connecting the facility and getting a “green tariff”.

Project definition included next stages:

  • Analysis of engineering works and project’s business model;
  • Development of a working project;
  • All types of pre-project works;
  • Coordination of the project with all necessary authorities;
  • Preparation of executive and permissive documentation for the start of building;
  • Organization of selection of equipment and suppliers;
  • All types of construction and installation works;
  • Connection and commissioning of the facility;
  • Technical support during the operation of the facility.
Main goal of our company – get a job done at the highest level and maximize process of solar module installation, reducing investor risks, entering the green energy market. We guarantee quality and result of our work!