SES building forwarding

Solar Steelconstruction Company provides services to support solar station constructions, acting as expert and independent consultant on the implementation of any stage of work, procurement, projecting and network connection procedures.

Solar power plant engineering

Our Solar Steelconstruction Company brings to your notice as services as “on a turnkey basis” solar power plants and solar power plants engineering. Our professional and highly skilled team together with partner guarantees quality project definition on any requirements phase – from project kick-off to connecting the facility and getting a “green tariff”.

Building and mounting

Building and mounting of the solar station is carried out by qualified experienced teams, and each of them has its own specialization:
  • Surveyors and planning works;
  • Digging and steel structures mounting;
  • Solar module, inverter and other  electrical equipment mounting;
  • Laying cable routes, wiring production mounting and connection to a transformer substation.

Pile sinking

Our company “Solar Steelconstruction” also provides service for pile sinking. We know that for qualitative work it is necessary to follow a certain actions algorithm, implying technological and mechanized processes of various types.

Guard railing installation

Solar Steelconstruction Company offers services guard railing installation, executed with adherence of all technological processes and production standards.