Production of multifaceted and round props

Our Solar Steelconstruction Company renders services for the production and delivery of multifaceted and round props. All products are manufactured on our own plant and agree with full product specifications. Products are produced on equipment by bending various thickness sheet steel with brewing of the longitudinal weld, than finished product is processed by a hot zinc layer by hot dip galvanizing. We are confident in quality of our products, so we guarantee safety of performance up to 30 years.
We offer next commodities for production:
  • Props of round and multifaceted cross-section with a height from 3m to 12m;
  • High-mast lighting structures with a height from 12m to 40m;
  • Masts for lighting stadiums and sports facilities;
  • Masts with mobile headframe.
The products we produce can be used in following areas:
  • Public roads;
  • Pedestrian crossings;
  • Pedestrian areas and thoroughfare;
  • Garden and park lighting;
  • Intra-courtyard and children’s playgrounds.
Characteristics of metal props from Solar Steelconstruction:
  • Installation on a reinforced concrete foundation, with embedded mortgage element with a flange for bolts or anchor pins inside of it;
  • Embedded plate;
  • Availability of the necessary assembly for fixing the bracket to lighting or other equipment;
  • Availability of inspection hatch for servicing;
  • Application of paint of any shade on the RAL scale over protective zinc coating.