Most of our mounting systems are designed individually in line with customer’s insights, building yard’s special aspects, facts of geodetic survey and geology of the ground, also in line with region wind effects and seismic activity. We offer you both static and dynamic designs located on the ground and buildings of any type. At the heart of all constructions are steel lightweight bent profiles, which our company produces independently of high-quality rolled steel, in combination with which are used aluminum profiles of different cross-section.
Our company specializes on next types of solar module’s mounting systems:
  • above ground;
  • rooftop;
  • frontal;
  • special;
  • mounting systems for thin-film module.

Currently we’d processed more than 20 different types of mounting systems and had implemented more than 30 solar electric plant building projects on Ukraine and CIS states.

Mounting Systems (SMS)

Universal mounting systems for fixing solar modules in open areas. Elements of the supporting structure are made of bent steel profiles of its own production with anti-corrosion coating by hot-dip galvanizing or aluminum.

Statistical mounting systems

Statistical mounting systems look like construction with photovoltaic module on it, without possibility retraction module’s angle of slope to horizon.
Nowadays this kind of solar module mounting construction most of all use in building. More than 95% solar heat plants all over the world have this construction in basis.

Dynamic mounting systems

Dynamic mounting systems look like supporting structure with photovoltaic module on it, with possibility retraction module’s angle of slope.

Mounting system

Solar module mounting constructions “Solar Roof Systems” there are cross functional photovoltaic module mounting constructions on inclined and flat roofs with any type of roof covering.

Frontal photovoltaic module mounting constructions

Frontal photovoltaic module mounting constructions are excellent determination for those, who focus more on energy saving questions and area’s rational breakdown.

Mounting systems on an aluminum profile

The company “Solar Steelkonstruktsiya” began its own production of roof and ground anchoring systems on the aluminum profile.

Special mounting constructions

Our Solar Steelconstruction Company brings to your notice different types of solar module’s mounting systems. With our help you also can decide various irregular questions over solar module constructions.