Solar roof systems

Fastening structures of solar modules Solar Roof Systems are universal mounting structures for mounting photovoltaic modules (FEM).

There are three main types of fastening systems: for flat and sloping roofs under which Solar Stalkonstruktsiya designs, manufactures and installs fastening systems using:

  • aluminum profiles,
  • hot galvanized steel profiles,
  • galvanized roll profiles

Proper placement of panels on the pitched roof, flat roof and if you want on the facade of the building and fences, will allow you to organically fit, emphasize modernity and bring income.

Projecting of systems of fastening for the sloped roof is done taking into account all requirements for the PEM installation.

SRS systems of fastening for sloped roofs

This system is a complex of the carrying profiles, clamping elements of PEM and fasteners that bind the profiles together with the truss construction or the roof.

This construction of fastening of photoelectric modules is used to fasten on the sloped roofs with the angle of tilt from 15° to 60°, and the positioning on the roof can be both portrait and album.

The installation of modules on the sloped roof is done in parallel to the flatness of the roof itself. It is also possible to rise up the angle to project one.

The types of the roof for SRS type are roof shingles, metal tile or ceramic tile. The set of the system of fastening for the sloped roof consists of a set of fastening to the roof, support beams, middle and end clamps.

Projecting of systems of fastening for the sloped roof is done taking into account all requirements for the PEM installation.

SRS systems of fastening for flat roofs

It has the look of the clamping construction of PEM that forms the needed angle of the slope of panels.

The angle of the slope of panels is usually between 10° and 20° for such type of roofs.

When positioning the PEM on the flat roof, it is necessary to pay attention to some features:

  • a small angle of tilting of PEM significantly reduces the windage, which, in turn, reduces the load on the roof
  • the snow load on the building is reduced

it is possible to eliminate the mutual shading of PEM.

Ballast SRS systems of fastening for flat roofs

The ballast systems of fastening are a good solution for those roofs, for which it is impossible or highly undesirable to make holes. For instance, they have a membrane cover, bituminous waterproofing. The roof must comply with several requirements: have the tilt angle of no more than 5° and be able to support the ballast load.

We design and produce the systems of fastening of high factory readiness. In practice, it means that no finishing works are required during the installation, and the entire system is assembled as a constructor kit.

We apply only construction steel in the manufacturing process with the further hot zincing, and aluminum beams.

We produce one-row and two-row fastening systems with a possibility of various panel orientation, with the application of panels for 60 and 72 cells, and thin-film panels.

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE! Our fastening system does not provide the usage of PEM as a carrying element or as an element of creating rigidness. Such a construction does not pass the unforeseen load to PEM, which otherwise might cause the damage and destruction of panels.

The ballast systems of fastening that are imported to Ukraine not always comply with these requirements as they were designed to work in other conditions.

The engineers of SOLAR STEELCONSTRUCTION company design the fastening systems individually for each project. Together with engineers-electricians, we make systems with optimal positioning, tilting angle of the carcass, and taking into account the carrying capacity of the existing constructions.