Dynamic modules with an adjustable angle

Anyone who decides to connect own life with Green Energy has many issues to solve, including the improvement of the efficiency level.

There are always limitations exist in available space, budget, and technical conditions. But nature itself gives us hints and it is our task to use them effectively.

A long summer day has a dramatically longer work time of photovoltaic power plant (PPP) than the one in winter, that is, the volume of produced energy increases. However, the nominal efficiency drops because of heat. For instance, instead of 16%, there will be a 14%-15% efficiency level.

In winter, there will be lesser sunlight per square feet but the efficiency level increases to 18%-19%.

The angle of inclination of the photovoltaic module affects efficiency as well. The thing is that in winter, the sun is not too high above the horizon, so it is required to increase the level of inclination a bit and decrease it in summer. And it is also desirable to turn the module’s panels towards the sun.

Considering those natural changes, a new type of photovoltaic module was designed – ground-based dynamic modules with an adjustable angle. The output of such modules increases at 10%-12%. But that only leads to increasing the construction costs at 1%-2%.


Solar Steelconstruction Company has been successfully implementing projects with ground-based dynamic modules with an adjustable angle for over 5 years using in-house developments. They all work efficiently and have proven themselves as effective and profitable systems for PPP.

Solar Mounting Systems (hereinafter, SMS) are universal mounting systems to carry photovoltaic modules (PM) on open spaces.

Mounting system SMS‐211С is a worktable comprised of 10-12 PM with adjustable angle for four positions – 50°, 42°, 34°, and 26°.

The positioning of PM on the worktable is vertical, in 2 rows.

The carrying construction is single-column with a strut, capable of adjusting the worktable angle.

Changes of seasonal angles of PM during the year are made in such a way:

  • Between April 5 and April 20, the angle is adjusted from 50° to 42°
  • Between May 5 and May 20, the angle is adjusted from 42° to 34°
  • Between June 5 and June 20, the angle is adjusted from 34° to 26°
  • Between July 5 and July 20, the angle is adjusted from 26° to 34°
  • Between August 5 and August 20, the angle is adjusted from 34° to 42°
  • Between September 5 and September 20, the angle is adjusted from 42° to 50°.

An additional advantage is the full absence of snow on the surface of panels because of high tilt.

A mechanical system of adjusting the angle is more reliable than automated and does not require constant maintenance, taking 25%-30% lesser space. This is one of the rare cases when cheaper doesn’t mean worse.

The feature of our modules with adjustable angle is that it is a standard and simple solution that has shown itself as a well-balanced in weight and easy-to-exploit system, so it has high demand today thanks to that.

By opting for SOLARsk SMS‐211С mounting system, you make the optimal decision considering the available budget and space.

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