Autonomous solar lanterns

Our Solar Steelconstruction Company renders services for engineering, delivery and mounting of autonomous solar lanterns, also we produce illumination poles.
Nowadays street poles with photovoltaic panels are much sought after more and more, because theirs action is very simple, but safe. Throughout the daylight photoelectric cell transforms solar energy into electrical energy and charges it with accumulators, with the onset of darkness, lantern begins its work until dawn.
The popularity of this type of lighting is facilitated by the fact that on the basis of solar module it’s possible to cover areas that don’t have access to centralized electricity supply. However, for lighting used lights on LED technology, which significantly reduces power consumption.
Autonomous street poles – are cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting and don’t require expenses of connecting to electrical grid.
Invites you to purchase solar street poles in our company and try out the uniqueness of new innovative lighting method that allows you to correctly and economically adjust the street, park, landscape, as well as facade lighting for buildings and ad slots. We consider all special aspects of concrete project, solving tasks on the highest engineering level with the most optimal ratio of price and quality.