Our mission: We implement energy-saving technologies that ensure energy savings and financial costs for our customers’ electricity.
We take care of our planet, we care about everyone!
Our vision:
Compliance with modern quality standards.
Scope of the management system of  LLC Solar Steelconstruction  covers the design, production and installation of solar power plants.
In order to ensure the mission, LLC Solar Steelconstruction undertakes to provide high quality services and increase the degree of customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015.
The management of  LLC Solar Steelconstruction considers it its duty to constantly monitor the processes, the quality of services provided, the degree of customer satisfaction, and strive for continuous improvement of quality in connection with the growing needs of customers and society.

In order to implement this Policy, the management of the enterprise undertakes:

  • always maintain a focus on improving customer satisfaction;
  • ensure compliance of services with the requirements of the customer, as well as applied legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • to perceive customers’ requirements as the basis of activity and to be prepared to meet their expectations;
  • identify internal and external factors that are relevant to the enterprise’s intentions and development strategies and which affect the ability to achieve the intended results;
  • identify and take into account the risks and opportunities that may affect the matching of services, as well as the ability to increase customer satisfaction;
  • to promote the use of process approach and risk-oriented thinking;
  • fully support the ideas and suggestions of employees aimed at developing and improving the quality system;
  • Provide systematic staff training;
  • to implement high-performance equipment and the latest technologies;
  • provide the necessary resources to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement of the quality system;
  • maintain mutually beneficial relations with suppliers on the basis of trust and partnership;
  • fulfill the requirements and constantly improve the quality management system’s performance on the basis of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Senior management takes full responsibility for implementing and communicating to each employee the provisions of this Policy.